Below are some frequently asked questions about Brent’s magic show…

HOW MANY CHILDREN CAN I INVITE? – There is no limit. BirthdayMagicianBrent  says that you can invite 10 of your BEST friends. Anyone else there is a $5.00 charge just to cover the costs of the give aways and balloons depending on the package you book. If need be Brent will bring his sound system so EVERYONE can hear.

INSIDE OR OUTSIDE? Inside is better but outside is OK. Just remember Brent needs shade too. If it’s too hot for the kids, it’s too hot for Brent and his animals. Wind is no one’s friend at a party. Read more on this topic in my detailed article.

DO YOU TRAVEL OUTSIDE CALGARY? Of Course and most of the time there is no additional travel charge. The areas Below have no additional travel costs Airdrie, Cochrane, and Chestemere

HOW BIG AN AREA DO YOU NEED? An average sitting room is fine. Just in front of the TV is OK or if in front of a window the drapes will needed to be closed. Kids can sit on the floor or on furniture.

WHEN SHOULD I EXPECT THE SHOW TO START? Half an hour after the party starts. There are ALWAYS latecomers.

WHAT IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE BIRTHDAY CHILD? Easy, it’s then double the fun

MY CHILD IS SHY. WILL THEY BE OVERWHELMED? Not at all. I am really good at what I do. They will feel special but if they do not want to help there are plenty of other kids that will assist to show the Birthday Child how easy it is.

CAN I SERVE FOOD DURING THE SHOW? It’s your party, you can do what you like BUT it’s so much better if you don’t and wait until after the show. The kids have a better experience with less distractions.

DO YOU HAVE ANIMALS? You bet!! I have a well trained dove that I use in my show. He is a pet and very well tempered. His name is Shimada and keeps me company on the road travelling from show to show.

DO YOU NEED ME TO PROVIDE ANYTHING? Only one thing … KIDS!! and maybe a towel to rest my table on so Brent doesn’t dirty your floor or rug

Click Here for a Birthday Party Check list